Lectures D’Automne Et Femmes Badass

[Click Here for the English Version]   Dans la cuisine l’air emporte des notes de pomme et de cannelle, une tarte à la citrouille dore dans le four; dehors les arbres se colorent par touches de rouge, d’orange et de jaune. L’automne est enfin là. La saison parfaite pour lire de plus en plus pendant les journées froides et pluvieuses. Mes lectures ont tendance à être affectées par les saisons, mes envies et la météo. Dans mon monde, la saison sombre est la saison des contes de fées et des romans historiques. J’avais envie de vous partager quelques unes de … Continuer de lire Lectures D’Automne Et Femmes Badass

Eating Montreal – My Favourite Places #1

I always found that, when you arrive somewhere new, the one thing you need to figure out is food. Where do I get all the yummies as well as the basic nutrients. But mostly, yummies. I had often noticed that food and our relationship to it differs from one country to the next. In a lot of European countries, food is an art and a religion. It means spending time together, enjoying the pleasures of life with your tastebuds, juggling spices, gravy, and ingredients together to achieve some form of greatness, simple or refined. In North America… it’s a little … Continuer de lire Eating Montreal – My Favourite Places #1

Drinking Montreal … At Home

So, you know how it’s great to know where to go have a drink with your friends, to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Well, sometimes I like to hang out with my friends just at home, on the balcony. Or I like to sip a non-alcoholic beverage just on my own, with Netflix and chill. And then what do you drink? When you’re new in a country, these mundane little things, like buying a drink to have home, can throw you off a little. Brands differs, tastes vary, and you’re not sure what you like outside of the major, slightly … Continuer de lire Drinking Montreal … At Home